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At Carmelo’s Brick Oven Pizza, our catering style is unique. Let’s face it, most of our competitors serve platters or chafing dishes of food heated by a Sterno. The Carmelo’s experience is very different, and can be compared to sampling wines at a fine vineyard or having a Food Network cooking show at your event. We don’t just serve food—we provide an entertaining, interactive experience for your guests.

wood fired izza oven

Our style of making pizza is to use and find inspiration for your menu while shopping. The Italians call it “primo prodotto” or first quality products. We use these “primo” fresh ingredients to make classic wood fired thin crust Neapolitan pizza in our 900-degree oven in 2 minutes flat! The “Carmelo’s Experience” really gets interesting when we create one-of-a-kind pizzas we dreamed up in on our own kitchen. Some of our interesting toppings from last year were pork neck bone meat sauce, kale, roasted Brussels sprouts, lobster, corn relish, pulled pork, homemade Buffalo sauce, ceviche, reblochon cheese, unique spice blends and fresh figs.

mobile pizza catering truck

Our goal is to cater to our guests needs. If you have special requests or dietary restrictions we will adapt the menu accordingly. We never forget what the word “caterer” means, and we do our best to make the food look good and taste great so that you are your guests look good and feel great!

cheese pizza
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