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What Our Clients Say About Us

mobile pizza catering trailer

Festive Holiday Party

December 2022

Nothing but the best. Pizza was the talk of the town - beautiful setup and great assortment. Everyone said “where’d you get this guy from. The Pizzas amazing” Carmelo’s never lets me down. 3rd time hiring them!! Your not getting anyone better then Carmelo’s.
carmelos brick oven pizza catering truck

June 2022

Had the pleasure of being at a backyard party and CARMELO'S was there. WOW! Top notch in every respect. Perfectly cooked and very tasty. Not to mention PROFESSIONAL and very friendly. This was one of the best wood fired pizzas yet! I would definitley use them.
carmelos brick oven pizza

July 2021

Hired them for the wonderful pizza, love them for the outstanding experience! We've now hosted them twice for parties at our home. FANTASTIC. Just FANTASTIC. The pizza is OUTSTANDING - but that's only half the value. They are entertaining, engaging, polite, ... everything you'd want associated with your event. Their passion for pizza is palatable, as is their true love for engaging with guests. You are getting a "show", not just a meal. If there were 6 stars, they'd easily get the extra one! The bonus: no fuss, no muss, no cleanup. They arrive ready to go, and when they are done, whoosh ... gone. ... no post-party cleanup hangover.
carmelos mobile pizza trcuk in the snow

December 2022

Quality was Absolutely amazing and such a unique food option!!! Great customer service and the guys provided an exceptional experience for my guests! We had some snow which made me so nervous and they went above and beyond running our pizzas into the house for us!! Highly recommend this for anyone looking for some really great Jersey Pizza!
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